Dayton Ohio City Commissioners
Resolution regarding the Iraq Situation

An Informal Resolution

Encouraging the President and Congress of the United States to Use all Diplomatic Means Reasonably available to Avoid an Armed Conflict with Iraq.

WHEREAS, The City of Dayton is proud that it is a city of peace, especially its role as the place where the Dayton Peace Accord was signed; and

WHEREAS, The United States suffered a terrible loss on September 11, 2001 as a result of a terrorist act, and has every right to defend itself against future acts of terrorism; and

WHEREAS, The regime ruling Iraq evidences a disregard for the human rights of not only its citizens, but for the citizens of all nations through its continued development of weapons of mass destruction, and

WHEREAS, Iraq persists in defying the United Nations' mandate to disclose and destroy weapons of mass destruction as required by United Nations Security council resolution 1441; and

WHEREAS, The United States has and continues to rely on assistance from the United Na-tions and the international community to combat terrorism and to disarm Iraq; and

WHEREAS, This Commission applauds these efforts and encourages the President and Con-gress of the United States to exhaust all reasonable diplomatic means available to avoid an armed conflict with Iraq; now, therefore,


Section 1. That this Commission encourages the President and Congress of the United States to utilize all diplomatic means reasonably available to avoid, if at all possible, an armed con-flict with the nation of Iraq.

Section 2. That this Commission recognizes the sacrifices made by Americans in defense of this Country, and fully supports the efforts of the men and women serving in the armed forces of the United States and its allies in the event of an armed conflict with the nation of Iraq.
PASSED BY THE COMMISSION - February 12, 2003

SIGNED BY THE MAYOR - February 12, 2003

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